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Meet & Greets

"Meet & Greets" are one of our most public facing roles as an organization and encompasses setting up and manning a table in front of a pet store. It helps build public awareness for the breed and helps spur interest in Greyhound adoption. Many folks are enthralled to see "real live Greyhounds" as they have seen them from afar or on TV, but perhaps not up close and personal. Let's the honest, the Greyhounds themselves are our best "sales-hounds" for the breed!

SEGA has many wonderful established Meet & Greet locations throughout the metro Atlanta region. Our experienced Meet & Greet volunteers and their ambassadogs are always looking for volunteers to help fill in gaps for when they cannot make the M&G, or potentially help source a foster/kennel dog to showcase at the event. Of course, it's also helpful to have a gaggle of Greyhounds together at a Meet & Greet to really attract attention!

SEGA Meet & Greets are held at many different locations in the metro Atlanta region, and occur at each location usually once a month, with dates varying by location. For the full list of locations and dates, please visit the Meet & Greet page. Ideal candidates to help with Meet & Greets are individuals who are familiar with the breed, are very outgoing and good with people, and have a great and friendly attitude.

We are also ALWAYS looking for great new locations, hosts and ambassadogs! If you see a void in our current Meet & Greet schedule that you are able to fill, please let us know! Meet & Greets do not have to be held every month at each location and they do not have to be at pet stores. In fact, some of the most successful Meet & Greets throughout the country are held outside book stores, coffee shops, and discount Big Box merchants.

How Meet & Greet Volunteers Help SEGA

Why Volunteers Feel Good About Meet & Greets

Time Commitment

Approximately 3 hours per month of hosting time.

If You Are Interested

If you are interested in hosting or supporting Meet & Greets, please contact our Meet & Greet chair.