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(February 16, 2003 - November 17, 2016)


It is with great sorrow and gratitude that I let you know of sweet Sukey's passing.

Sukey came to SEGA as part of a group of dogs that were at a breeding farm. He was a great racer, having 157 races with 93 of them "in the money." The breeding farm was closing down and Pam Davis asked if SEGA could take these dogs a few at a time with each haul.

Sukey was pretty miserable at the kennel after having so much room to roam at the farm. Tara, our kennel chair at the time, posted that he was so unhappy at the kennel and would anyone be willing to foster him. I volunteered to foster him, but knew we couldn't adopt him as he was not small dog tolerant and one of our sons had a Pug and a Japanese Chin that we watched a lot.

True to the testing, he wanted to have the Chin for an appetizer. He salivated through his muzzle, chomped at them and was very focused. Definitely not tolerant. Over the next few weeks, we kept testing them together and got the same results. Then magic happened. He figured out they were dogs, decided they might not be as tasty as he originally thought and by the following week, they were laying side by side on his bed.

Needless to say, Sukey became ours forever. His name morphed from Sukey to Sukey Yaki, to just plain Yaki. He was a loving, gentle soul. Sukey became my meet and greet dog for many years and I have a wonderful picture of him, resting his head on my chest, with his eyes closed. Pure beauty. Thanks to Lisa Poole for capturing that picture. It hangs in my breakfast room, so I can see him each and every day.

His heart was strong, but his body no longer wanted to go on. He went to the bridge, with his Greyhound brothers looking on, and his dad and I telling him how much we love him.

Run swiftly sweet boy. You were so loved.

Suzanne, Warren, Cooper, Pecos, and Harvey