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Moya (aka Jmj Dakota)
(June 12, 2005 - January 17, 2014)


To Our Beloved Greyhound: "You will be missed, and we will always have you close to our hearts. Some day we will be back together again."

I waited five years to adopt my first Greyhound. The timing was just not right until we moved to Atlanta. After reading lots of information, studying every page of the SEGA website, carefully considering each adoptable hound, attending several meet and greets and visiting with approximately 10 hounds, I stumbled upon a whimpering black hound crated in the SEGA office, Jmj Dakota. I say whimpering, the truth is she didn't whimper until my wife and I entered the room. We were working with Suzanne Lipson to find just the right Greyhound for our large family. Suzanne was Dakota's foster mom at the time; that's why she was crated in the office. We've often joked in our family that Suzanne somehow had her whimper as I walked in the door because she knew that would catch my heart. Well, it did and Dakota did. I will always be grateful to Suzanne for letting us adopt Dakota.

On the way home I renamed her Moya (pronounced, "Moi-ya"). She was my sweet Greyhound, only 63 pounds at adoption. Our whole family loved her but she and I became pals. We often referred to her as Mo' Mo' for short. She was loyal to the core and ready to jump to my side at the mere sound of her leash. She was one of the most remarkable dogs I've owned and the most humble by far. I often, lifted her head from its droop while saying, "Hold your head up; you're loved."


Moya was the least trouble of any pet I have owned. She rarely barked and loved her routine. She enjoyed being outside, taking walks and riding in the car! By far Moya expressed her affection more clearly than I have seen a dog do - I come from a family of dog lovers. I will miss her morning leanings. Each morning she wanted to lean hard against my leg for some time before she ate or went out. When I returned home from work each day I would be greeted by Moya's lean and her hop. She developed the hop because I would often hug her from a standing position and lift her front legs. She loved this! Soon she started meeting me at the door while doing a little front hop to encourage me to give her a hug and a lift.

Everyone who met Moya loved her. Moya had celebrity status with all our friends and family, many of whom only knew her through Facebook or by word of mouth. She was known throughout our neighborhood especially with many of the children. She was beautiful to watch as she walked and trotted up and down the streets. Moya ran 117 races and placed in many of them. She averaged 32 mph and raced for over 3 years but she was just as good at being a friend! Moya vacationed with us often. She went with us to the mountains and to the beach. She loved the ocean and playing in the surf. We are very sad that we lost her so quickly after her cancer diagnoses (only 24 hours). Often people would see how well she was cared for and jokingly remark, "She's got it easy now." My reply was always, "She ran her races now she gets to enjoy her retirement being spoiled and petted." We all laughed in agreement. We only had her approximately 4 years but we are so glad that we are the family that got to make her last 4 years happy.


Good bye my special little Greyhound! I was with you to the last. You were always by my side and I was determined not to leave yours in your time of need. You will always be the best dog-friend a fella could ask for!

Scott Slaughter
February 4, 2014