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Lucy (Mazza)

(September 16, 2002 - July 22, 2010)
7-1/2 Years Old


On Monday, January 15, 2007, when we first met this fawn colored sweetie, she came into the Hollydog office and the first thing she did was come over to me and jumped up putting her two front feet in my lap. She was our dog! We decided to call her Lucy. It seemed an easier name than her racing name of Penrose Jubila. She had raced at the Tri State Greyhound Park in West Virginia, and here she was coming to us in Hollywood, Florida.

When we would put the Frontline Topspot on her, we would go outside, and she immediately sat in the grass, waiting for us to put it on her.

Anytime she thought we were upset with her, she would sit down facing us, looking up, to see what we wanted.

One day when we were walking Lucy, a little boy stopped us and asked, "Is that a deer?". She was a fawn color.

Lucy was definitely afraid of the dark!

Every time Steve would sit on the floor, she would come and lay down beside him. Sometimes she would try to lay in his lap.


Lucy would come over to me when I was sitting on the sofa, and she would put her head in my lap so I could pet her. When the petting was over, she would go over and lay on the floor just below where Steve was sitting on the sofa.

She loved poultry flavored toothpaste, and would come over for teeth brushing, which Steve did every night.

If I was still in bed when Steve and Lucy got up in the morning. She would always come to my side of the bed, putting her front paws up as if to say good morning!

She loved to run around like a maniac upstairs from our bedroom to the top of the stairs and back, going in tight circles. We laughed at her. She was hysterical.

She ran the fence with Winston and Daisy, the neighbor's dogs.

Lucy would always go - by herself - into her crate when she realized we were going out.

She would sit nicely (most of the time) to get her collar and leash on, even though she was so excited!

When visiting in Lox, Lucy left the two guinea pigs alone, even though their cage was on the floor.

If I was napping on the sofa, Lucy sometimes would come over and wake me up!

If Lucy felt she needed some petting, she would come to the sofa, and put her nose under my wrist, and push up hard . . . to get me petting her!

She was the best duck chaser ever! She always kept our fenced yard free of ducks, but she never hurt them.

She had these big black eyes, and when I was petting her, she would always be looking intently right into my eyes the whole time.

I kissed her good night every single night, and I told her that I loved her, and that she was a good girl! I did that EVERY SINGLE NIGHT during the entire three and a half years that we had her with us!

Lucy was the perfect dog to take for a walk. She always walked nicely by your side, and the leash always hung loose. She was not aggressive when meeting other dogs, and mainly just looked at them when walking by them.

Lucy loved getting her ears massaged. She even liked it when I would clean her ears! When she saw the Q-Tip, she would come right over.

Sometimes she just sat in the grass on hot days. She was sunbathing! But only did this for about 10 minutes, then she was done. Lucy also liked to find special areas in the grass, and she would roll her head in it!! Yuck!

She learned to come when I blew the whistle. She learned this only a few weeks before she died.

On the morning she died.......

We do not know what happened. It was just before 7 a.m. on Thursday, July 22, 2010. She was in her bed (a large soft-sided crate loaded with pillows and blankets) upstairs in the bedroom with us.

Suddenly we heard a "bang" - like she bumped the closet door. She made one loud howling cry-out, then these little crying sounds (which I have never ever heard her make before). I called her name, and immediately got up and stooped down to look into her crate. We unzipped the crate as we continued to call her name. She did not move, she just laid there. She was not responding. I noticed that she was not breathing. We pulled out her bedding with her on top, but our Lucy was gone. She died - that quickly, our Lucy was gone. Steve listened for her heart - but it was quiet. It probably took less than 10 seconds. If she had to die, this was the very best way for her - at home in her own bed with us. But this was the worst way for us.

We took her to her vet. We wanted to know what had happened. Dr. Pico checked her over and found no external injuries. We asked him to do a limited necropsy, so we would know what happened to our sweet Lucy.

Dr. Pico called at 10:30 a.m. that same day to let us know that she died of heart failure. Her heart was enlarged (more so than a normal Greyhound heart). It apparently had not been pumping efficiently for a long time as her liver was full of the pooled blood that her heart could not pump.

We had no clue that she was sick. The day prior, she ran the fence with Winston, and Daisy. She tossed her toys up in the air and played. She ate her food. She seemed totally normal - then zap, it was over.

We are devastated and heartbroken.

Barbara Mazza & Steven Paycher