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Lucky Diggelmann, fka Shers Spots
May 5 1997 - June 25, 2010


Shortly after we lost Lucy back in 2005, Linda Sheffield called and asked if we wanted to foster an older male who had been bumped a couple of times. His name was Lucky and he was 8. We agreed to foster him. He fit in well with Donna, both dogs being "cow dogs."

Well our fostering lasted for 24 hours! We realized what a very special dog Lucky was. We immediately adopted him and have had his wonderful companionship these last 5 years. He had a special heart for humans big and small, and served as an ambassador for his breed at meet and greets. He just had to greet every visitor he saw. He especially loved kids, and all the kids in the neighborhood knew his name and loved to pet him.

His best service was in pet therapy. He joined Becky Ragusa and Tucker on monthly visits to Cumming Manor Nursing Home and more recently Sunrise Assisted Living in Johns Creek. He looked forward to his visits, as did the folks who enjoyed nothing more than having him lay his head on their lap so they could love on him.

He was a great big brother to Donna and showed her that there was nothing to fear from thunderstorms or our two kitties. He had a heart of gold and our whole family is grieving his loss. He turned 13 this year and began to show his age very quickly. He slacked off eating and had great trouble controlling his hindquarters. It is always a tough decision, but our love for Lucky would not let him suffer. We mourn as he limps off to the Rainbow Bridge to meet up with Lucy.