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(February 23, 1994 - July 13, 2007)


In August of 1998 I received a call from the then SEGA foster chair Beth Alley. SEGA had taken in a bounce that was suffering from a severe skin condition brought on from hot spots and extended crate confinement. They needed a foster to keep constant watch on him because he was aggravating the spots. I was working from home at the time and Beth thought a 24-hour watch would be the best foster placement.

I told her to send him to me.

That was the day I met Kookie. It took 2 months for his skin condition to clear up and even longer for his hair to grow back. It took about 2 minutes for me to fall in love with him. I had failed fostering.

Yesterday, Kookie, SEGA tag number 11, went peacefully to join his sister Digger and his brothers Mikie and JR. After valiently battling Hepatazoonosis for the past year, He had developed an unrelated, inoperable abdominal tumor that was so large it could not be determined from where it started nor where it ended. It took less than a week for it to appear.

To his accomplishments, he obligingly suffered, through an obedience course for me passing with flying colors. He coursed for a little while and although never achieved a formal title, he has the distinction of placing First in Open Greyhounds at the ASFA International Invitational held in Virginia in 1999. (He did have the appointed title of B.B., Baby Boy, from me.)

None of these "accomplishments" will ever surpass some of the good and funny that Kookie was. Like how at field trials he would purposefully pick out the Fords to pee on. Or the time he and I went to a dog friendly fishing resort in Florida and he would get so excitied when I caught a fish. He would bark and carry on then go lay down under a tree until another was caught. He was allowed free roam of the compound and as I was packing the car to leave, I had to go find him. I found him in another guest's cabin crashed on their sofa watching TV with them. He did Pet Therapy when we lived in Covington and would often be found curled at the foot of someone's bed with his ears being rubbed. He had the softest ears. There are so many other moments this gentle creature has blessed me and I will always hold those dear. I have always said that he was literally 'sent' to me and he truly was, in many ways.

Kookie, you were my quintessence, my companion, and my protector.

Now, you are my heart.

"Every day is a gift. Hug your hounds."

Robin Davis and the hounds of BigSky
Isom, Zeke and Hugo