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(July 1995 - January 2004)
By Jennifer, Aaron, Gabe, and Anna


When we saw you for the first time we knew immediately that you had a sweet and gentle soul. For the last 4-1/2 years you have graced us with the perfect Greyhound experience. You were the ultimate ambassador of your breed. As with many of your friends you came with a bit of baggage, which in its own strange way made you that much more desirable. Whether it was the track name (Savage) that just didn't fit, or the pace of your step, you somehow found your way to us. We welcomed you into our hearts and our home and you quickly made it yours. You owned that yard. Watching you run was like nothing we had seen, and you knew it. And although you didn't have much of a track life, you were always the fastest runner in our house.

Yet for all of your elegance and ferocity in the yard and at the ball field, there was this other beautifully quiet and humble Jinx that we shared our time with. He was the Jinx that was too shy to play with his toys if we were watching (although we secretly peered at you from around the corner.) You had that reserved dough eyed nature about you that told both your history and tenderness in the same breath. You won over anyone that ever met you with your gentle and charming way. You carried yourself with a regal significance that was unassuming, physically powerful and fragile too. You seemed to embody many of the things we all strive to be; patient, gentle and kind. Always the reserved one, except when you ran. When you were running, you let go of all that held you down and the true Jinx could shine. You seemed to laugh and mock our slow pace as we struggled to keep close.

And while your physique and speed were stunning, you were more delicate than any of us could see. We'll miss you Jinxy. Thank you for spending these years with us; I hope we provided you with half of the joy you brought to us. May you run wild in heaven! Run like the wind with all of your friends, Jinx. Until we meet again, you will always be our "hound dog."