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On February 9, 2007, our beloved Gracie (a.k.a. Sultry Mistress) crossed the Rainbow Bridge and went to her forever home with the angels. Gracie was progressively sick for a week before our vet determined via X-ray that she had an inoperable lung tumor. Never in a million years did we think our Gracie would leave our family so soon. She would have been 10 years old in June 2007. The six short years she was a member of our family are ones that we will remember fondly.

Gracie was amazing! When we brought our twins home from the hospital, Gracie walked up to me while I held our newborn daughter in my arms and licked the top of her head. It was her way of saying "Welcome to our family!" Gracie's happiest times were when she had a tennis ball in her mouth. She would toss her head and throw the ball in the air and then catch it in her mouth. She loved for us to play “keep away” in the backyard. Gracie would sprint between my husband and me trying to get to the ball before we could catch it. Her tongue would flop out of her open-mouthed grin and you just knew that she was having a blast! Our now 3-year old twins tried several times to throw the ball to her. She was always so patient when their first attempts at throwing only landed about 3 feet away. She would get excited and pick up the ball and walk back to them ready to go again.

We have so many memories that we will cherish forever. Gracie often “struck a pose” (what we called “Vogue-ing”) when she slept on the floor. She would lie on her back with her arms pointing out in different directions. Of course, her tongue would typically slip out the side of her mouth, too. Also, the twins were the perfect height to get "whipped" with her tail if they were too close when she got excited. Gracie always had to be the first "person" up or down the stairs. Wary was the person who got in her way on the stairs. Even our twins learned at an early age to get out of Gracie’s way if she was going up or down the stairs; she was like a herd of elephants in a 60 pound package!

Gracie loved her “big brother” Griffey. Even though he wasn't a Greyhound, she didn't mind it one bit. She loved that she was faster than he was, and she learned a lot from him (like how to "sit", "stay", and walk up the stairs). Now that Gracie is gone, our house seems so empty. Griffey is doing okay; he’s an old man of 13, so he’s pretty set in his ways.

We love and miss you, Gracie, and we will always remember the joy you brought to our lives!

The Creasy Family
Mike, Kelly, Caroline and Garrett