Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Elly
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(May 1997 - May 2012)


We have been away from SEGA for a number of years due to moving. In 2001 we adopted our first Greyhound. Her name was Am's Elite. She was born on May 16, 1997. She was a wonderful addition to our family and the perfect member of our family. We got her in March of 2001. In December of the same year we were owned by another greyt hound, Rusty (Apple Duster). He was very beautiful and BIG!! Rusty was 8 years old when we lost him to cancer in 2005. Elly continued on. We adopted from a group in our new home and brought home Ruby (Ruthie). She was with us just 2 years and died from cancer in 2008. Elly continued on. We then adopted again from our new group in 2008 and brought home Abby (Passion Flower). Nothing "flower" about her!! Well she and Elly grew to be "Fast" friends. They lived together for 4 years and on Thursday May 10, 2012 Abby had to say goodbye to her friend and companion Elly. She was 15 years old and still every bit the lady when we had to have her put down. Her insides were still in great shape but her poor old body just could not keep going anymore. It was with a very heavy heart that we had to say goodbye to a wonderful "first" Grey. She taught us about "chipping." She was the reason we have been owned by 4 beautiful Greyhounds and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption showed us the way and how to take care of these amazing animals.

I know there aren't many, if any, members left that remember us but we have never forgotten the good times we had with SEGA. The first time we were together with the group after adopting Elly was the gathering at John's beautiful farm. There we learned alot from other members about caring for a Greyhound. We went to Jennifer's training classes and Elly was an avid learner. We had to travel about 1-1/2 hours to get to her home but it was so worth it. We learned so much from her and the other "parents." I only wish we still knew where they all are now.

Thank you for giving us the space to thank our wonderful Elly for teaching us about how to be "owned" by a beautiful Greyhound. We have had a wonderful ride with Elly. Much longer then we ever thought we would. She was a very sturdy girl who was never sick or hurt in the 11 years she lived with us. She had a long and cushy life!! We love her dearly and look forward to seeing her again one day standing at the bridge waiting for us to cross with her brother Rusty and sister Ruby and of course at some point in the distant future her sister Abby.

Thank you SEGA for the opportunity to love and care for something so precious.

Pat and Ron Shew