Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Atlanta, Georgia
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The Southeastern Greyhound Club's (SEGC's) by-laws declare that our purpose is two-fold: to provide Greyhound owners with a variety of ways to have fun with their Greyhounds, and to promote the breed by spreading the word about what wonderful pets Greyhounds make. Our members take these purposes quite seriously, and find more ways to fulfill both each year.


SEGA is a 100% volunteer operated organization with no paid staff or significant sponsor. All of your donations in time and money go straight to helping the Greyhounds and our mission. Contributions nare tax-exempt to the extent provided by law


It costs approximately $70 dollars per week to feed and care for each dog in our kennel, which does not include the spay/neuter and dental vet expenses spent on each hound as soon as they enter our program. When you sponsor one of our adoptable Greyhounds, your donation helps that hound while it waits for a forever home. SEGA will recognize your support by listing your name with the Greyhound — even after it is adopted!

Increase in Adoption Fee Effective May 1

There is a "new normal" in Greyhound adoption, with the demand for Greyhounds as pets greatly exceeding the supply of Greyhounds retiring from their racing careers. Most groups have not been able to get the fairly regular supply of adoptable Greyhounds that havey been getting, including SEGA. We thank all volunteers who spring into action on short notice to meet the haulers who bring us the Greyhounds at all hours of the day and night.

Because many of the adoptable Greyhounds we bring into SEGA come from considerably greater distances to us than they have in the past, new hounds are often brought to us by a commercial Greyhound hauler. Though SEGA gets a nice discount from this hauler, the hauling charge SEGA has been paying recently is $100 per Greyhound.

SEGA has always tried to keep our adoption fees within some reasonable range of our overall average cost per Greyhound (and SEGA's adoption fees have usually been below that cost), but this new hauling expense mandates that we increase our adoption fees. Accordingly, the SEGA Advisory Board has agreed to raise the adoption fee to $375, or $390 if a credit card is used to pay the adoption fee, both effective May 1. The increased fee will apply to all adoption applications submitted on or after May 1.


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