Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Hounds of 2019 Honored
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Hounds of 2019 Honored

SEGA is so grateful for all who have supported the Hounds of 2019 campaign. Below are the donors and the hound or hounds they have chosen to honor.

Donor In Honor Of
Mindy Abel In honor of Kingston
Amber and Jeremy Ackerman In honor of GoGo Melbourne
Meredith Albert and Amy Stern In honor of Ponda's Dallas
Jill and Robert Anderson In honor of Copper
Karen Anderson-Cordova and Mark Barnes In honor of Fawn
Cheryl Baer In honor of Dottie and Coco
Karen and Scott Becker In honor of Sully
Jennifer Bexley In memory of Hoot Evers
Thomas Bieth In memory of Missey and Sadie; in honor of Token
Tina and Mark Bliese In honor of Blaze, Turbo, Liberty, and Decker
Mary, Linda and Fred Bounds In honor of Cleopatra and Dino Dude
Ginny and Tom Bowling In memory of Nila, Elsie, Doc, and Luke; giving thanks for Marlise and Sam
Angela and Robert Brettschneider In honor of Go Bon Brenna, RNC Get R Done (Rusty), and RCK Little Star
Megan Brook and Richard Segura In honor of Apollo
Keira and Jay Camillo In memory of Kai and Sophie
Kathy and Ken Compton In honor of Simon
Calli Cook In honor of Jethro, Darla, and Sashi
F. H. Boyd Coons In memory of Winnie, Ada, Chloe, Flora, and Ila
Bill and Beverly Crawford In honor of Mick; in memory of Lacrosse, Bear, and Crosby
Helga and Richard Diggelmann In honor of Ginny; in memory of Lucy, Donna, and Lucky
John Dobson In honor of Fiesta Darling, Rapido Mingo, Queens Goldie, and Slick Nick
Susanne and Steve Duys In honor of Kai (Flying Jeb Bush)
Diane Edwards In memory of Ginger
Susan Engelbrecht In honor of Devies Raider (Rush)
Ivey and Cal Evans In honor of CHC Bulz I Bonny (Bebe) and Mitey Tabitha (Sister Wig)
Sharon Frapwell In honor of Bottsie and Lily
Brandon and Monica Geddis In honor of Kutter
Patricia and Ronald Gilmore In memory of Seco Reeses
Randy and Kirsten Gleaves In honor of Bacs Tanna (Daisy)
Martha Goodman In honor of No Record (Bama Lama)
Doug Gravino and Travis Wright In honor of Neko, Remy, and Tom
Jeanne and Bobby Green In honor of Butterscotch; in memory of Zoie
Pat and Howard Greenwald In honor of Jamie
Holly Grell-Lawe In honor of Anything I CanDo (Bogart)
Erin and John Grigsby In honor of Teak, Prince, Elwood, Sadie, Annie, Barracuda, Lucky, Callie, and Reece
Don and Carolyn Gross In honor of Princess, Dusty, Willow, Obediah, and Lily
Maritza Gutierrez-Ray In honor of Mac's Chauncey (Mac)
Elizabeth and Thomas Hanson In honor of Audrey
Marissa and Mark Howard In honor of Iowa Corvette and Jawa Ferrari
Connie and Ron Howell In honor of Mr. Ed
Virginia Hudson In memory of Lacy (CG HeartTune)
Heidi Jansen and Jansen and Milan Riddick In honor of Lily and Onyx; in memory of Tiger
Jeff and Beth Kuhn In memory of Kuhn-Hounds past; in honor of Kuhn-Hounds present: Cooper, Lincoln, and ZuZu
Anthony and Lynn Kunkel In honor of Tanner, Sid, and Kell
Jason and Carrie Lueck In honor of BD Betty's Boy and Storms in Africa
Sharon and Ken Maxwell In honor of Dee O
Stephen and Madison May In honor of Ranchero
Donald Mayhall In honor of Gable Sooty
Lynn McCraney and Tim Vick In honor of Sweetie, Walker, Lucy, and Manny; in memory of Truly and Maggie
Steve and Carol McPike In honor of UMF Userer (Sadie); in memory of Jetta Erie (Scarlett)
Robert and Tina Merrill In honor of WW Integral
Sandra and Robert Miles In honor of Lulu, Angel, Jen, Asta, Allie, and Jazz
Brenda and David Morris In honor of Champ
Eric and Crystal Morris In honor of Tucker (AKA: Astrownot in his racing days)
Lou and Herb Norton In honor of Payton and Ocho; in memory of Mingo, Cleo, Rory, BeeBee, Dub, Kestrel, Sadie, Buster, Keaton, and Jack Daniels
Stephanie and David Olsen In honor of Skip (aka Slip Mahoney)
Kathy Rakestraw In honor of Blaze, Cori, Autumn, and BamBam; in memory of Chloe
Lorianne and Reed Rawson In honor of Pippa
Jed and Sharon Rosenfeld In honor of Tess and Satchmo; in memory of Beau Chisum
Ginger Rouse In honor of Cash InYur Chips (Cash) and Flying Wheatstraw (Blue Moon)
John Sadlo In honor of Brady and Krista
Linda Schultz In memory of Striker (JB Newt)
Melanie and Alan Sharp In honor of Angel
Illyse and Thomas Sheaffer In memory of Lilly, Meteor, Xander, and Noah (Italian greyhound); in honor of T Vick Episode (Hank) and Fuzzys Andy Bean (Cooper)
Michelle and Doug Shively In honor of Braska Player (Hunter) and Kansas Mode (Shadow)
Jeffrey and Julie Skelton In honor of Cher, Sabatini, and Arwen
Frederic Smith III In memory of Dolly
Paul, Lori, Nora, and Molly St. Onge In memory of Joseba (RL Prosper), Beloki (Toddie Time), Frankie (B's Frankie), Dash (Eastern Star), and Pantani (Cool Humor)
Angela Stratford and Ellen Steinberg In honor of Finn (SJ call an Uber)
David, Lisa, Michael and Matthew Strickland In honor of Admiral's Top Gun (Maverick), Minnie, Well Worth It (Maya), and Clever Cookie (CC); in loving memory of LK Sawbones (Ray), Pfanny's Oilslick (Slick), Rooftop Noble (Noble), and Hallo Cookietime (Cookie)
Tina Surls In honor of Maya (fka Milky Mountain High)
Jeff and Patricia Swift In loving memory of Penny, Goldie, Gordon, and Chowder, who are in our hearts forever.
Clay and Taylor Szoke In honor of Dash (Boc's Fluffers)
Scott and Kim Tanke In memory of Oxbow Video
Debi and Spencer Teague In honor of Stella; in memory of Skylar
Dee Thompson In honor of Captain, Morgan, Zoe, Lady Bug, and Ben Ben
Ande Timpeiro and Idalia Roberts In honor of Wallace and Vader; in memory of Gromit (Moto Ib Cindy)
Linda Tindal and Fred Davis In honor of Buddy, Rubin, and Stella
Carol and Kurtis Underwood In honor of FF Talladega (Tal) and Mega Javan (Meg); in memory of Cheyenne Speed (Cheyenne)
Jennifer and Eric Ursaner In honor of Sissy and T-Bone; in memory of Katie
Charles Warner In honor of Buddy and Mia
Glennis and Jim Westbrook In honor of Kaspir, Riot, and Duke
Margot Wielgus and Christopher Merwin In honor of Rudy
Howard and Geni Zaleznak In honor of Daisy Mayhem