Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Hounds of 2018
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Hounds of 2018

Honored Hounds

Click here for the complete listing of 2018 honored hounds.

Honoring Your Hound

In 2018, we continued our mission to find loving, forever homes for former racing Greyhounds or any Greyhound in need. SEGA provides shelter, food and medical care for every hound who enters our program. Many of you are aware of the challenges in treating the wormer-resistant hookworm problems which have developed in the last year, and SEGA has continued to make investments in treatment options for the dogs in our care. We have set a goal of $18,000 for our Hounds of 2018 fundraising campaign. While this may sound high, $18,000 will only cover about 3 months of SEGA's average expenses for vet care and boarding.

SEGA asks you to make a donation of $18 or more for each Greyhound (SEGA or non-SEGA) you currently own and for each Greyhound you have owned in the past. The Hounds of 2018 campaign is a small way we can honor the wonderful Greyhounds who are currently part of our family and remember those Greyhounds who have touched our lives in the past but are no longer with us. Many of us have fond memories of Greyhounds who used to grace our couch, bed or dog beds. A Hounds of 2018 donation is a special way to pay tribute to them.

Please consider supporting SEGA and the hounds with a donation in 2018.

Ways to Donate

There are several ways to make your donation.