Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Hounds of 2016
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Hounds of 2016

Honored Hounds

Click here for the complete listing of 2016 honored hounds.

Honoring Your Hound

In 2016 we have continued our mission to find loving, permanent homes for former racing Greyhounds or any Greyhound in need. In order to place these Greyhounds in a home we must provide shelter, food and medical care for every hound. In 2016, SEGA was honored to receive a very generous grant from the Georgia Compassion Project. This grant has provided SEGA with designated funds for medical and boarding expenses for the Greyhounds. You may be wondering why you are receiving a fundraising letter if SEGA received a grant this year. While the grant does provide some much needed funds for the Greyhounds, it will not sustain SEGA long term. Based on our current balance we expect to exhaust the grant funds by the end of August 2017. SEGA also has other expenses that must be covered from general funds outside the grant.

Because most of our fundraising proceeds flow in during the last 3 months of each year, we need to stay strong in our donations so we are well positioned to continue to be able to provide for the Greyhounds once the grant funds are depleted. For example, 2015 was barely a "break even" year for SEGA, even with some very successful fundraising campaigns. The generosity of our supporters (you) allows SEGA to help a Greyhound with special needs (such as heartworm disease or a broken leg) or take in a senior Greyhound, even if the cost is significant. SEGA is glad we are able to say "yes" when these situations occur. As of the end of August 2016, SEGA has taken 2 brood moms, 3 heartworm positive dogs and 2 broken leg dogs into our program. In addition, we have rehomed several Greyhounds who ended up in a shelter or were returned by their adoptive families.

SEGA asks you to make a donation of $16 or more for each Greyhound (SEGA or non-SEGA) you currently own and for each Greyhound you have owned in the past. The Hounds of 2016 campaign is a small way we can honor the wonderful Greyhounds who are currently part of our family and also pay tribute to the memory of those who have touched our lives in the past but are no longer with us. We have a chance to "pay it forward" for the next group of Greyhounds. We will post a list on our SEGA website of all of the hounds honored and remembered.

Please consider supporting SEGA and the hounds with a tax-deductible donation in 2016.

Ways to Donate

There are several ways to make your donation.