Southeastern Greyhound Club and Southeastern Greyhound Adoption - Foster Overview
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Foster Overview

A foster home is a temporary home for one of our Southeastern Greyhound Adoption (SEGA) Greyhounds awaiting adoption. Being a foster home entails welcoming a hound into your home to help start the acclimation to its new life as a family pet. Most of our homes have their foster hound between two days to seven weeks, depending on the type of fostering assignment.

How Fostering Helps SEGA

Why Volunteers Feel Good About Fostering

There Are Different Ways To Be Part of the Program


Foster Group Organization

The foster group is made up of several foster coordinators who are assigned different geographic areas of greater Atlanta. The foster coordinator for your area is there to support you in your effort to provide a temporary home for your foster. They will make their first contact with you after you complete the foster application. They will be there to help you throughout your entire fostering experience.