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Pope High School Greyhound Mascot Club

Over the last six years our SEGA Greyhounds and members have become a part of the Greyhound nation at Pope High School and we are officially the Pope mascot team.

For the home high school football games, typically SEGA shows up at 6:30 p.m. (for games with a 7:30 p.m. start). We have reserved parking in the back where the players and cheerleaders park. We get in free with a Greyhound and everyone is excited to see us. We usually stand or sit in the corner of the playing field and can leave whenever we wish once the game starts. Before the game, the cheerleaders each take one hound out onto the field and run with the greyhound in front of the team as they come out. The cheerleader then brings our hound back to us and we hang around as folks come and pet the hounds.

You can stay at the game for as long as you wish. Caution: if your hound is skittish in crowds or loud noises, this activity will not be enjoyable for him/her and is risky for them to be there in case they bolt and try to run or back out of their collar.) For more information, contact Russ and Ellen Thomas.

We hope you'll be part of our Pope High School Greyhound Mascot Club!