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Lure Coursing

Lure coursing is a humane sport that recreates the chase of the hare by the pursuing hound. The "bunny" consists of strips of white plastic attached to a continuous loop line that runs through a series of pulleys to simulate the zigzag path of a rabbit on the run. No wagering is involved! The dogs run for fun and the occasional ribbon or trophy. Coursing is not merely a race. Greyhounds and the other participating sighthound breeds are judged not only on speed, but also on enthusiasm during the course, agility in making turns, how accurately they follow the path of the lure, and their endurance in completing the course.

Some of our members enter their Greyhounds in these events, while others enjoy bringing their dogs to the field as spectators. It is a fun day in the country! For more detailed information, see How to Get Started in Lure Coursing, a magazine article by our own John Parker that originally appeared in Celebrating Greyhounds. You can also contact John to ask questions about the sport. Tally ho!