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When you join the Southeastern Greyhound Club (SEGC), you become part of a large and diverse fellowship of greyhound owners whose combined knowledge and experience in all things Greyhound is truly unique in this country. Tapping into that knowledge and experience, you can do everything from simply becoming a better Greyhound owner to growing into a devoted student of the breed.

Club membership includes accomplished, experienced individuals with expertise in Greyhound behavior, training and obedience, adoption, conformation, health and rehabilitation, agility, lure coursing, nutrition and conditioning, history, racing, breeding and genetics, coursing, and the study of pedigrees.

If you want to learn about a particular Greyhound subject or activity, there will be someone you can call on. This diverse collection of interests is what enables the Club to live up to its goal of offering "something for every Greyhound owner."

In addition to the benefits of membership outlined below, the Club's tradition is to offer any other Greyhound related activity which members want and are willing to support. The adoption program and the lure coursing program both grew out of that tradition. There will no doubt be other programs offered in the future that are requested by members willing to support them. The key to enjoying the benefits of membership can be summed up in two words: Get involved!

Annual Fees

Club annual dues are $20 for one person and $25 for two or more persons in a single household.

You may join the Southeastern Greyhound Club by completing our on-line application. If you prefer to join via U.S. Mail, you may print and complete our paper application.

You may renew your membership by completing our on-line renewal form. If you prefer to renew via U.S. Mail, you may print and complete our paper renewal form.

Regular Club Activities

Southeastern Greyhound Adoption (SEGA)

The Club's biggest and most popular program, SEGA offers a multitude of opportunities for members to help former racing Greyhounds in many capacities as a volunteer (e.g., walking dogs at the kennel, bathing new dogs when they arrive, processing the "newbies," fostering new dogs, or hosting a "meet and greet"). Visit the volunteer page and contact the appropriate person for your area of interest.

Facebook Discussion Group

The Facebook Discussion Group serves as the organization's "meeting place in cyberspace." The group is the place to post announcements of upcoming events, seek advice on a variety of Greyhound issues, tell funny stories, and mourn the loss of a long-loved hound. The list was founded and designed to be of and for the SEGC/SEGA community. New adopters are welcome to join the group for the first 12 months following their adoption. After that period membership to the group is reserved for active volunteers and/or club members.

Quarterly Club Meetings

The quarterly meetings offer an evening of fellowship with other Greyhound people, along with the occasional speaker or educational program. The annual bring-your-Greyhound club meeting and picnic at SummerWind Farm is a summer evening of fun, food, and the opportunity to see your Greyhound run and play with other Greyhounds in a large fenced area.

Pet Therapy Program

The Pet therapy program offers an opportunity to do rewarding community service by bringing the known therapeutic benefits of pets to seniors and children and sharing a little Greyhound sunshine with them. The pet therapy web page contains a complete listing of available locations, days and times, and contact information.

Lost Hound Cooperative

The Lost Hound Cooperative provides a network to assist members in finding their lost Greyhound. Members are provided an information booklet that is loaded with good ideas related to "Grey-proofing" your home, and then what to do when your hound is lost.

GreySitting Exchange Program*

The GreySitting Exchange program is a members-only benefit that allows members to have their Greyhound stay in the home of another member and Greyhound owner while they are out of town. At $5 per day per dog, it's a low-cost alternative to boarding or engaging a dog sitter. Click here for more information.

Annual Field Trip

The annual field trip to a nearby race track is an educational experience that allows a behind-the-scenes look at a Greyhound racing kennel and a day in the life of a racing Greyhound.


Greyfest, the annual big get-together, includes educational programs, vendors of Greyhound related goods, fun contests, and the attendance of every possible size, color, and age of Greyhound imaginable.

Group Pet Insurance*

VPI Insurance offers a 5% group discount. Policies cover medical problems and conditions related to accidents and illnesses (including cancer). Coverage is available for dogs, cats, birds, and other exotics. Visit any licensed veterinarian, worldwide.

Lure Coursing

For those who enjoy canine athletics and are thrilled by the sight of their Greyhound running like the wind, the club's lure coursing program, one of the most successful in the country, provides an opportunity to get their Greyhound involved at the right pace, with an emphasis on safe running. Even if you don't choose to run your Greyhound, the field trials offer an opportunity to come out for a day in the country to watch other sight hound breeds run and visit with other Greyhound owners who are there.

Annual Holiday Party

The year always ends with the annual Greyhound Gala, a festive and elegant evening of holiday cheer. Approximately 50% of the cost of this party is paid for by your dues. Non-members who attend will pay a slightly higher amount.

For More Information or Questions

For more information or questions, please contact our membership coordinator, Kathy Rakestraw.

* designates a member only benefit