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Greysitting Exchange

What is the Greysitting Exchange?

We are a group of Southeastern Greyhound Club members, who are willing to pet sit your Greyhound(s) while you are away from home. This could be for a day, overnight, a weekend or for a vacation. Read the Greysitting Brochure for more information. (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. Visit Adobe to download the free reader if necessary.)

Who can use the Exchange?

The use of the Exchange is a benefit of your membership in the Southeastern Greyhound Club (SEGC). So, plan for the unexpected and join the club today! It is not necessary to be a Sitter yourself in order to use the Exchange, though of course the more SEGC members who are willing to sit for others, the better the system works.

How does the Exchange work?

All SEGC members can make use of the Exchange by contacting the coordinator, Helga Diggelman, who will provide you with a copy of the current GreySitting Exchange Roster. The Roster is arranged by city to help you locate the closest sitter. You make your own sitting arrangements. Call or email anyone on the list, depending how far you want to drive.

You may want to consider meeting with the Sitter before your departure date, to be sure you are all comfortable with the arrangements.

The cost for GreySitting is $5/dog/night for fellow sitters, and $10/dog/night for other SEGC members. There is an obvious benefit to being a member of the GreySitting Exchange!

Users of the service must supply their own and their vet's contact information, their pet's food, treats, favorite toys, crate (if necessary), bed (maybe more than one if the Sitter has a two story home) and medications plus instructions. All dogs must be current on their vaccinations. There is a GreySitting Agreement the Sitter may ask you to sign. It is not mandatory, but you should both be familiar with the contents. A copy will be sent to you with the current Roster.

How do you become a member of the Greysitting Exchange?

Contact the coordinator to have your name added to the Exchange roster. The requirements are:

Please send us the following information:

When your information is received and membership in SEGC is verified, you will be added to the Exchange roster and emailed a copy. This process may take a few days, so please plan ahead.

For additional information email our Exchange coordinator, Helga Diggelman.