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NGA Transfer of Ownership

This form is worth $10 to SEGA. It could be invaluable to you in the event your friend is ever lost.

Congratulations on the addition of a Greyhound to your family! This truly is an exciting time in your life. You have done everything you can to give your new friend the comforts of a home--a warm bed, a quiet place to sleep, toys, and lots of love. And as much as anyone hates to think about you two becoming separated, you have no doubt protected your friend by putting SEGA’s star tag and another identification tag with pertinent contact information around its neck.

But within the Greyhound racing registry, you are still not the registered owner of your Greyhound. Someone else is—someone known to the National Greyhound Association (NGA), officially recognized by the Greyhound industry as the sole registry for racing Greyhounds on the North American continent. The NGA maintains officials records of all Greyhound litters and their registered owners.

It is important for you to transfer registration of your Greyhound from its registered owner to you. That way the NGA shows you as the registered owner. Should the NGA ever be contacted by someone who has found your hound, they can help reunite you and your friend.

To complete the transfer process, follow these steps:

So take a few minutes as you are beginning to get to know each other and further help protect your friend by registering with the National Greyhound Association. It’s that easy. Remember, he is relying on you for everything now.