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Janis Joplin ("JJ") Memorial Fund

Janis Joplin ("JJ") was advertised in the AJC as a give away Greyhound in early 2005. Several SEGA members responded when we heard about the ad, but by that time she had been given away. When SEGA volunteer Linda Sheffield called about her, Janis had just been returned to the original owner because she was in a fight with the new owner's Greyhound. So SEGA ended up taking Janis.

The story was that Janis was on a hauler passing through Warm Springs and the original owner got her right off the hauler. We suspect that this owner had no idea how to take care of a Greyhound because Janis spent her life with this person tied outside throughout the year. She had never been spayed, and since the yard was full of male dogs, we imagine that she had to fight them off when she was in season. She also never had any flea or heartworm protection. Her fur was thick and matted but we could tell that she was a beautiful girl.

Janis tested positive for heartworms and was subsequently treated. She was a long time SEGA kennel guest partially due to her extended treatment and also because she was a bit unpredictable with other dogs. She was absolutely wonderful with people but could get snarky with other dogs, so our Janis had to stay muzzled most of the time. She was a difficult placement because she was so unpredictable but we thought that once in a home she would settle out and become comfortable and more relaxed when she realized she was safe.

She stayed in the kennel for months. The kennel walkers spent extra time with her. Whenever anyone was at the kennel for any reason, we spent extra time with her. We all were attached to her and hoped that the right home for her would come along. She had so much spunk and spirit! But Janis was getting more unhappy as time went by in the kennel. She acted like she was depressed. By this time she had been a SEGA dog for over a year with most of that spent in the kennel.

Gerry Skalsky told her sister, Helen Dudick about Janis and her special needs. Helen and her husband, Joe, decided that they would adopt Janis in May 2006. Before they took her home, they built out a special room for her where she could stay some of the time and not need to wear her muzzle. Helen and Joe had other Greyhounds and knew about Janis' unpredictable reputation! Once JJ got there, she only spent time in that area once! JJ had a collection of beautiful designer muzzles so she could look beautiful wearing them.

At last JJ had her loving and forever home and she was adored. She had an area in the bedroom that was her own where she could sleep without her muzzle. We could not have asked for a better or more loving home for her. JJ had come home at last.

Unfortunately, in early 2008, JJ developed lung cancer. She did well for several months with treatment but she left for the Rainbow Bridge in June 2008. She is very much missed by Helen and Joe and all of her friends. She was a very special Greyhound with so much heart and spirit.

Helen and Joe have established the JJ Memorial Fund to honor the memory of JJ. JJ spent much of her kennel time in one particular run at the kennel and there is now a plaque mounted to honor her in that run. This is now known as "JJ's Run." The JJ Memorial Fund will be used for Greyhounds with special health needs, and contributions to JJ's Fund will be used for that purpose.

If you are interested in selecting another run at the kennel to honor one of your pets, SEGA would be happy to work with you on that as well. Imagine how nice it would be to have all the kennel runs dedicated to special SEGA hounds.

There are some dogs that cross our paths that are not easily forgotten. Janis Joplin "JJ" was one of those special Greyhounds. Southeastern Greyhound Adoption is privileged to be able to honor her memory with this special fund.

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