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Adopt Overview

About Us

The mission of Southeastern Greyhound Adoption/Greyhound Pets of America-Atlanta (SEGA) is to find good permanent homes for former racing Greyhounds. In furtherance of this mission, SEGA seeks to educate the public about why Greyhounds make good pets.

SEGA is a chapter of Greyhound Pets of America (GPA), a national network of Greyhound adoption groups, as well as a project of the Southeastern Greyhound Club, Inc., a Georgia non-profit corporation and tax-exempt organization. SEGA is staffed by unpaid volunteers. All donations and other revenues are dedicated entirely to supporting its Greyhound adoption program.

SEGA currently houses its Greyhounds in an adoption kennel or in foster homes of experienced Greyhound owners to ease the transition from track life to pet home life. Before any hounds are released for adoption through SEGA, they are thoroughly examined by a veterinarian. The dogs are spayed or neutered, brought current on shots, given a heartworm test and preventative, and teeth are cleaned as needed.

SEGA promotes Greyhound adoption through a variety of methods ranging from our web site to print advertising to public gatherings (known as Meet & Greets) and participation in community events, such as parades and festivals.

We welcome volunteers from all walks of life, regardless of whether they have adopted a Greyhound. All that is required is a love of animals and a willingness to work. SEGA volunteers have discovered that having fun and doing fulfilling work in the service of Greyhound welfare are not mutually exclusive! For more information on volunteering, click here.

SEGA's parent organization, the Southeastern Greyhound Club (SEGC), offers membership to all adopters. The SEGC has a variety of programs and activities that provide members with opportunities to have fun with their Greyhounds, perform community service, and enjoy fellowship with other Greyhound owners.

Generally, we like to place our adoptable Greyhounds within 100 miles of metro Atlanta. If you live outside that area, please visit the Greyhound Pets of America or call them at 800-366-1472. They can route you to the closest adoption group.

Our Philosophy

SEGA takes no position regarding the issues surrounding Greyhound racing, but encourages its adopters and volunteers to reach their own informed conclusions. We continually strive to emphasize the fine qualities of Greyhounds as pets rather than the "plight of the Greyhounds" approach that was more popular in the early days of the adoption movement. SEGA believes that there is value in working with members of the Greyhound racing community in the adoption process, thus learning as much as possible about the history of each dog to find the optimum pet home.